Ukraine Crisis

Mission Dispatch has set up the Emergency Relief Fund to get funds quickly to areas of urgent need, working through established, reliable and trustworthy “boots on the ground” workers that we know and have vetted. Our goal is to cut through the red tape and get assistance directly to people in need.

In this case, we are working with missionaries Tanya and Vasiko Machabeli at the Nehemiah Center in Uzhgorod, Ukraine (western edge of Ukraine). They have a longstanding relationship in their community, and have already been working with those displaced from the ongoing boarder conflict in Eastern Ukraine. Now that full scale war has broken out, they have quickly responded to the need by feeding and housing refugees. They have expanded their capacity and are helping with supplies to churches and other organizations in their area, as well as the City itself. They are uniquely located and prepared to serve during such a time as this. As an organization, we at Mission Dispatch have already sent out emergency funds and ask you to join us in these efforts. We have a number of other missionaries in Ukraine and in the surrounding region, so as other needs and opportunities arise we may also involve them.

To give, please go to the eGiving secure portal. The first choice under “Fund” will be "Emergency Relief Fund—Ukraine”.

Thank you for your gifts and your compassion!

Mission Dispatch Board