Tanya and Vasiko Machabeli - THE NEHEMIAH UKRAINE

The Nehemiah Ukraine team works to collaboratively build the church and community of western Ukraine through practical services and training, with a special focus on vulnerable populations and on long-term community change. Our work is multifaceted. In collaboration with local churches, we serve:

  • Orphans and foster families.   Orphans and foster families. 
    We promote family-centered foster care as a preferential alternative to institutionalized care; we manage the Transcarpathian network of Ukraine Without Orphans. We support local foster families directly by providing foster-care training, humanitarian aid, and psychological support and networking, and we serve orphans directly by training volunteers to mentor them one-on-one, sponsoring Christian camps and retreats, and providing them with occupational, financial, first-aid, and child safety training. For those aging out of the system or on summer break, we offer job placement in our camps and café.

Critical Need 
We take great care to be as sustainable as possible, supporting our community work through our guest house, café, summer camps, Montessori preschool, mission team hosting, and educator training. However, over time the war in eastern Ukraine has made our work increasingly difficult to support locally. Now, COVID-19 has also shut down our means to sustainability for the near future. We are looking for both immediate and long-term supporters to rally around us so that we can continue to serve the people of Ukraine.

Donations support: 1) emergency and ongoing operational costs, and 2) support for our most vulnerable populations during this time of crisis. Please feel free to reach out to us by email with your questions!

  • Children and families. We work to promote a different future for Ukraine’s children through the development of creative and effective pedagogies countering the traditional Soviet rote methods. As Christians with Montessori credentials, our team trains teachers and parents to respect the God-given personhood of the child, and to maximize each child’s potential. In Ukraine, this is a revolutionary new approach, and is opening many doors.  
  • Special needs children and their families. We work collaboratively with the city to create support network mechanisms for special needs families, including most recently the “Social Nanny” project, which provides several hours of free time per week to parents of special needs children. We also provide Montessori training to special needs parents, and humanitarian aid as needed.
  • Abused/trafficked women and children. We provide short-term shelter, assistance with legal documents, individual and group spiritual and psychological support, and job placement assistance.
  • Internally Displaced Persons, and widows and orphans of war (local refugees from the war in eastern Ukraine). Our involvement with IDP and war survivors includes family support through free summer camp attendance, spiritual and psychological support coordination, short-term hosting of families, and the coordination of humanitarian support.
  • Pastors and ministers. We work interdenominationally to provide training, retreats, and marriage support to leaders of churches all over the region. 
  • Roma communities. We provide culturally-contextualized teacher training to support the local Roma primary and preschools, as well as ministerial training for Roma church leaders and staff. We also coordinate various means of humanitarian support, including feeding programs for needy children.
  • Artists. We work to foster the cultivation of local artists through creative, spiritual, technical, and entrepreneurial training for a global market, collaborating with professional artists locally and internationally.