New Year’s Eve 1999: two couples, John & Jean Taylor and Jim & Adele Noetzelman, wanted to see if the lights would go out and computers perform their touted Y2K collision with time. While waiting for the clock to strike, John and Jim asked, assuming they would enter the big New Year, what they would do with the money if they won the lottery. Their answer was easy. They’d invest it and use the gains to support missionaries and ministries who hadn't their own 501(c)(3) or other financial shelter. They agreed they wouldn’t likely win the lottery, considering neither had bought into it.
But they wanted to pursue what seemed like a pretty good idea. So they each took a first step and contributed $100 to see how that tiny sum might go toward their, as yet unplanned, plan.

February 8 2020 marked the 20th anniversary of Mission Dispatch’s incorporation benefiting active Christian missions, ministries and humanitarian efforts throughout the world by providing monthly accounting services and year-end donation summaries to donors.
Now still later we’re able to fulfill MD’s clear-cut mission of sending hope at home and to the ends of the earth. We do that through our clients, about 15% of whom work covertly in sensitive regions due to governmental restrictions.
At this time we serve more than 60 around the world, 5 or 6 having been with us from the very early years, even from MD’s beginning. The total number can fluctuate because some of our clients join us on a short-term basis, and a few use us transitionally until they’ve registered their own nonprofit status with the IRS.

Donations have grown from that first $200 on December 31, 1999, to a total processing amount of about $10 million. Our gratitude to God for giving John and Jim what seemed like an unattainable vision that He is fulfilling through our clients and their donors.
Mission Dispatch is comprised of a directors board of six and two part-time workers. We’re very pleased to operate on a low budget. We want to remain faithful to the original vision of Mission Dispatch being a benefit to our clients.