Sasha & Sara Pascal - MOLDOVA


In our family is Sasha, Sara and Adela. Sasha is a native of Moldova and we met in 2008 while I (Sara) was living in Moldova as a missionary. We got married and spent 7 years learning and serving in the United States before returning to Moldova in 2017. Adela was born in September 2014, and is a kind, friendly and flexible kid; God made her for the mission field.
Moldova is a former Soviet country in Eastern Europe between Ukraine and Romania. It is considered the poorest country in Europe, which causes many problems, from human trafficking, to corruption, to mass immigration and a hopelessness that permeates the people. Moldova is about 2% Protestant Christian, with over 600 villages that have no solid gospel witness or church.
Our family is partnering with World Team Moldova. World Team Moldova is about multiplying disciples and communities of believers. Our family works in three main areas:
  1. Church Planting-We are working with another missionary family in our neighborhood to see a grassroots house church planted among our neighbors.
  2. Training Spiritual Leaders-Our team and our family work with church planters in villages throughout Moldova. We are currently training in “leading yourself, your family and your community.”
  3. Compassion-Though we are not specifically a compassion ministry, we engage in projects in villages that bring glory to God and respect to the church planter. These efforts can be camps, medical clinics, celebrations for vulnerable families etc.
Our family is blessed and proud to be sent by Redeemer Church in Bellingham, WA.

We hope that Everyone, Everywhere in Moldova will Experience the Gospel!