José & Elizabeth Nuñez

Jose, his wife Elizabeth and their daughter Sofia currently live in Pasadena California. Jose serves as pastoral intern at a local church and is currently pursuing a ministerial degree at Talbot School of Theology.

Jose served as a pastor and counselor in the villages he lived in during his missionary travels to east Africa. It was then when he understood the depth of Scripture and the leading of the Holy Spirit as the most palpable and compelling ways to address the human predicament. Jose hopes his current training as a pastor and seminarian would help him develop ministerial competency in the areas of preaching and counseling. As Jose gains biblical understanding and pursues spiritual formation, his hope is to serve the church as an ordained pastor in the near future.

A disciple is a real life apprentice of Jesus who by grace and effort is learning to be and act in the ways of Jesus. Discipleship never happens accidentally. No one stumbles into growth in Christ. It takes discipline, intentionality, and habits of the heart. Discipleship is done best life on life. This is the way Jesus did it and commanded us to do it. Holding these convictions dear, Jose is strategically engaged in making disciples in the city of Los Angeles. His objective is simply to obey Jesus’ mandate to make disciples of all nations.

While in Los Angeles, Jose is able to minister and mentor youth who find themselves in distress because of criminal behavior at the boys and girls Optimist Youth Home (OYH). OYH is a correctional facility for juveniles where he volunteers as a mentor and chaplain.