Mitch Van Thof


The Woman's Club of Greenwich
 89 Maple Avenue
 Greenwich, CT 06830
For this upcoming year, I will be completing my final year of ministry training at Grace Church of Greenwich. I will spend approximately ¾ of my time serving in the ministry of the church and ¼ of my time training in teaching the Bible. Regarding the former, I will oversee youth ministry, lead Bible studies, read the Bible 1 to 1 with a few men, lead Sunday meetings, preach occasionally, and assist in the various practical work needed to enable ministry to happen. Regarding the latter, I will study select Bible books in significant depth and meet with my supervisor for a few hours each week to present conclusions and be stretched to understand the passages in minute detail.

I am married to Mackenzie, and we have two daughters: Myla and Zoe. As a family, we seek to be disciple-making disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. We’re really excited to serve the Lord in Greenwich!