Mission Dove Cambodia


DIRECTOR:  Sarady Na
EMAIL: ed@missiondovecambodia.org
WEBSITE: www.missiondovecambodia.org
Mission Dove Cambodia is a youth leadership development organization based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. In a context where war, corruption, and violence have caused deep wounds, our vision is that the people of Cambodia would have emotionally mature and humble leaders who bring healing to the nation.

We do this through two main tracks—through our Christian leadership development programs for young adults and through our drop-in center for neighborhood youth.

We gather about 20 young adults each year to participate in our weekly training programs called Onyx 1 and Onyx 2. Through these Christian leadership development programs, the participants get to know themselves and to know God more deeply. These young adults experience healing as they share their stories in a safe community and reflect on how God is working in their lives and in the world. These young adults go out to become wounded healers in their contexts.
Another way we seek to foster emotionally whole and humble leaders is through our drop-in center for unchurched neighborhood kids. In this safe and caring environment, we offer English, art and computer classes to over 150 students. We also invite these young people to join our growth groups: leadership club, men’s group, women’s group, and other supporting groups like Alateen, where these young people begin to process the pain that they face in their lives.

Thank you for supporting the growth of young leaders through Mission Dove Cambodia! All funds donated through Mission Dispatch will be used to further the vision and mission of Mission Dove Cambodia.