Kerri Howell - ALASKA


ADDRESS:8925 Lakehurst Dr. Unit 2. Anchorage, AK 99502
PHONE: 907-229-1843
My name is Kerri Howell, and I’m in love with Jesus.
I grew up on a pig farm in Texas where my family was active in church and small town life. I came to know Jesus as my personal Savior when I was eight years old at a church revival service. It wasn’t until a few years after college that I truly committed to being a disciple of Christ and follow His Lordship in my life.
Since then, I have felt an urgency to be fully focused on the King and Kingdom, and the state of Alaska and her people have been on my heart for a long time through intercessory prayer. In 2013, God made it clear that He was calling me out of my corporate career path into full-time mission work. In 2016, He moved me to the mission field of Alaska.
There is great brokenness alongside great beauty in Alaska. This state experiences the highest rates per capita of suicide, domestic and sexual abuse, addiction and consumption of drugs and alcohol of anywhere in the US. Marijuana was also legalized here in 2015.
I have a passion for not only reaching the lost, but seeing disciples made and multiplied here. Since arriving in Alaska, God has shown me two very clear things. First, there is a great deficit of discipleship among the believers in Alaska. Secondly, the Anchorage area has a large population of young adults (college students, 20s, young 30s). However, the social culture here is not one that facilitates connection and community. This leads to isolation and lack of support systems, both of which are major contributors to issues like suicide and addiction.
As a result, I have launched (through my local church and under their authority) a young adult ministry called Lighthouse. The mission is to connect and build authentic community among young adults (unmarried adults ages 18-30) through weekly fellowship, study of God's Word, and planned social events. If we create a culture of disciples among the young unmarried population here, I believe we will see future families of disciples and influence a whole generation of families for Christ. Furthermore, by creating an environment of community, we can foster “discipleship evangelism” opportunities as non-believers looking for connection actively participate with a fellowship of disciples and receive discipleship training, all as part of their decision-making process to choose Christ as their Savior.