Joe and Mary Jo Ferrante


Joe and Mary Jo Ferrante are all about living the gospel of Jesus Christ, all the time, 24/7—in the marketplace, in their home, in the streets, with their friends, with people who know Christ and with those who are not Christians.
The focus of their formal ministry is teaching on “The Extravagant Love of the Father.” For 25 consecutive years, Joe has logged over 100,000 air miles. He claims his second home is on United Airlines. Mary Jo accompanies him when feasible.
For many years, the primary venues of their teaching were Discipleship Training Schools (DTS) located at Youth With A Mission bases. Since 2006 that has expanded to include many Korean DTS schools in New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Dallas, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver, and South Korea. Most of their students are full-time business people (which for Koreans often means 50-60 work hours a week) who then attend DTS evenings and/or weekends. Ministering to people with such a high level of commitment has been a deeply humbling experience for the Ferrantes.
In the last few years they have partnered with another ministry, this one in England, “A Call to Business.” Their vision is to help men and women realize that being in business is as much a calling to full-time ministry as doing church work. The Ferrantes are part of the Call To Business leadership and presentation team at conferences in Europe several times a year.
Then there’s a third facet of their involvement with people, this one on street level. By talking a little and listening a lot, they have built relationships with hundreds of adults who never go to church. Their hope is that these friends will see that “Christians” are not the hate-filled, judgmental, condemning people they once believed. In their words, “We don’t call what we’re doing a ‘ministry.’ It's simply loving people with God’s love.”
Thank you for supporting, praying for, and believing in the multifaceted ministries of Joe and Mary Jo Ferrante—revealing Jesus no matter the cultural setting, no matter the occasion.