Heart of Ezra Church - ITALY

Luigi and Michela Incarnato,
Founders of Heart of Ezra Ministries,  Italy

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ADDRESS: Contrada Bambina 4, 93025 Marsala (TP) ITALY
Up until the late 16th century Italy was considered the hub of Western culture, the starting point of worldwide phenomena such as the Roman Empire, the Roman Catholic Church, Humanism and the Renaissance.
Given the presence of the Catholic Church in Italy one would think that Italy does not need to hear the Gospel message. 80% of Italians consider themselves Christians. More than 70% of Italy’s communities are without an established Bible-believing congregation.
Illegal immigration is a major challenge on many fronts. Italy functions as a gateway into the EU, and many people brave the dangerous sea crossing in overcrowded boats to get there, some dying along the way. In 2009, there were 1 million Muslims in Italy forming 1.6 percent of population. In 2016 this had risen to 2.22 million, the fourth largest population in Europe.
There are around 600,000 Evangelical Christians (about 1.1% of the total population) in Italy. The majority of these live in the southern regions of Italy, leaving many of the northern regions with less than 0.1% Evangelical Christians.

Heart of Ezra in ITALY
H.E.I. was established as a registered non-profit in 2004. Luigi and Michela Incarnato, live in Marsala, NW Sicily. They travel across Italy leading inductive Bible study seminars. Currently there are some 53 classes with 903 students.   God is also using Heart of Ezra Min. for purposeful discipleship and to plant churches in Italy.
Recently Luigi and Michela have been discipling 5 couples in Torino (of ‘Turin Shroud’ fame) in NW Italy. God is now using these couples in remarkable ways to expand the work of discipleship in this region. See photos.
The NE of Italy is the least evangelised part of Italy. God has put this region on Luigi and Michela’s heart and He is opening up doors to churches there.  Luigi has recently been asked to teach at the Calvary Chapel Bible school in Monte Belluno.
Within 40 miles of Marsala there are 60 refugee camps with approximately 6,000 people. As a registered Pastor, Luigi hopes to be given access to the camps and be able to establish some Bible Study classes in the camps.
Giovanni and Katia are church leaders in Torino.

Simone and Karime, one of the couple who Luigi and Michela have been discipling. Simone is using his creative gifts to help the ministry through social media.
Daniele and Mimma. Daniele now leads Precept seminars amongst the razilian/Italian churches and would like to serve God through Heart of Ezra full time in Italy.

- Materials for Refugees in Sicily Year 1               $2,000
- Support for Trainer for one year                            $30,000
- Travel costs for one year                                              $5,400
TOTAL FOR ONE YEAR                                                 $37,400