Gary & Sandy Blake - ALBANIA


C/O A.E.P. KP 119
Box 35
Tirana, Albania
SKYPE: groyblake
PHONE: +355 69 406 8646 (GARY) +355 69 406 8647 (SANDY)
About Us
Gary and Sandy Blake have been serving as missionaries to Albania and the Balkans starting in 1993, first as church planting pioneers in southern Albania and part of Youth with a Mission. In 1997 Anarchy came to Albania and we were forced to evacuate for a time. We handed over responsibility for the church to the leader we had raised for this purpose. Upon our return we moved to Tirana to be more involved nationally with our organization. Then the Kosovo war sent 650,000 refugees streaming into Albania. We stepped up to help in many areas of need and were part of the hands of God who reached out to these traumatized people to help them find hope in Jesus.

Now our focus is to support church growth and expansion throughout the Balkans by training both church leaders, and the body of Christ at large to effectively bring the Kingdom of God to earth by doing the works that Jesus did and that the Apostles did. Gary teaches Missions, Healing and Deliverance, Church planting, and Pastoral ministry in the Evangelical Bible College (non-paid part-time position). We are also doing training seminars in various locations in the Balkans for the church at large to train believers how to live as Sons, to heal the sick, cast out demons, and operate in the miraculous, as Jesus said we would.  (John 14:12). We not only train others but we have an active ministry of divine healing and deliverance. We make house calls, hospital visits, and even pray for people in the streets.  Many receive miraculous healing each month, and a good percentage of those healed who are not believers in Jesus at the time of their healing become followers of Jesus.  

We are a very close family and have 4 children, 2 girls and 2 boys. Though they started out together with us in missions, now they are all married and have children of their own. We have 15 grandchildren at this point… They are so precious.