Gabriele Rienas - SOUL SANCTUARY 

Gabriele is a counselor who practiced as licensed professional in Oregon for over 25 years. She is also married to a minister. Her husband is a pastor and together have served faith communities with for many years.
Gabi has always loved encouraging and interacting with young women of influence.  She spent over 10 years travelling overseas several times a year to help facilitate leadership conferences throughout Central and Eastern Europe.  During that time she developed a growing passion for authentic interaction and heartfelt conversations across borders with young influential women.  While the availability of information in current culture continues to increase, authentic, self disclosing interaction seems to be decreasing proportionately.  From the women she meets, she senses a quiet but urgent desire to be authentically seen and heard.  At the same time there seem to be few opportunities for this kind of disclosure.
With a desire to do something about that, Soul Sanctuary retreats bring together Women of Influence for the purpose of processing life context and leadership resilience. It is facilitated by group conversation, self disclosure and giving and receiving encouragement in an atmosphere of soul rest and renewal.
Small groups of women are invited to 3 days at a designed location where they are hosted by a hospitality and facilitation team. A safe atmosphere is cultivated and the women are given opportunity to interact with one another, share authentically and receive Spiritual input and prayer.  Accommodations are provided.  The facilitators are not advice givers or speakers. Instead, they facilitate conversation and ask thought provoking questions.  

Core Values
  1. Authenticity
  2. Safety
  3. Belonging
  4. Compassion
  5. Fun
Soul Sanctuary began in Europe and recently launched it’s first retreat in North America. Specifically - Washington State, USA.
The next 2 events are scheduled to take place in March, 2020 in Vienna and Budapest.  Invitations have been enthusiastically accepted and women are looking forward to attending from the surrounding countries.

Currently, Gabriele resides in Toronto, Canada where her husband pastor’s WFGA,  a multi-cultural urban congregation.