The Disch Family - SOUTH EAST ASIA


Erik Disch
SKYPE: erik.f.disch
US ADDRESS: 929 Hart Rd. Round Lake, IL 60073

Jeanmarie Disch
Jl. Simpang Kwoka 1, Malang East Java, 65146
Our vision is to serve the majority world, which is home to the greatest number of people without gospel witness, in the areas of education, theological and secular, leadership training/ development, community development, discipleship and evangelism. Our calling has never been defined in terms of particular people or language group or ethnic focus. We are simply willing to serve anyone who needs to know Christ.
We are teachers and evangelists at heart, laboring to equip the indigenous church with the proper tools to reach into their own culture and have for the past decade worked primarily with Christians from Hindu backgrounds, tribals and in rural village areas to a lesser degree.
In July, 2018, we are relocating to East Java, Indonesia to serve in an international school. I will be serving as chaplain and Bible teacher for the high school and Jeanmarie will be teaching in the elementary school. We continue to be grateful for the opportunity to serve God and his people around the world.

Note: Though our photo is posted here, some details regarding our past and present work are intentionally vague.