Daniel & Sarah Bell - MOZAMBIQUE


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ADDRESS: 3510 NW 67th Terrace Bell, FL 32619
Daniel and Sarah are working with Caring For Orphans-Mozambique at their second location, Maforga Christian Mission outside of Gondola, Mozambique.  They have been appointed directors of the 0-7 age group at an existing orphanage in Gondola, Mozambique.  They are in the support raising phase right now.  They will be responsible for all the children from 0-7 including their general care, healthcare, food, education, etc.  The Bells have spent time in Mozambique doing short term projects for the past 3 years, but this will be a long term change for their family.

There are 20+ (the number changes regularly) children in their age group, right now, and when the program is "open" again, they foresee a large jump in the number of children there.  Sarah will be primarily responsible for overseeing the children, and the staff required to care for them.  Daniel will be doing maintenance, gardening, playing hard with kids, and whatever else is needed!!  He would also like to begin a Bible study for the older boys in the community.  Daniel also has many opportunities to teach and preach at the local church.

Our Goal is to be Jesus’ hands and feet to the orphans and hopeless children in Manica, Mozambique at Maforga Christian Mission.  We pray that we can lay the foundation for a generation of people who love the Lord, and will make His name known among their people.

Caring For Orphans - Mozambique
Gondola, Manica, Mozambique
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