ADDRESS: 11729 Phinney Ave. N. Seattle, WA 98105
SKYPE: buzz.leonard1
About Buzz:
In 1979, my husband accepted Jesus in Ensenada, Mexico. That mission trip changed his life, setting in motion a passion to serve God by extending the message of the Gospel in the marketplace. When we fell in love in college, we thought God had a path for us, but were unaware that He would call us to reach our city and this region for Christ. Our journey has prepared us for what God is asking us all to do; For God’s Glory.
In 2001, after losing friends to the tragedy of September 11th, we began experiencing the first of God’s mid-course corrections redirecting Buzz to serve others. While attending a retreat; God convicted him to renew his commitment to Christ; by surrendering his life fully to His Lordship. That’s when God started working from the inside out. Following many years of dabbling in “ministry,” Buzz faced a life-altering illness in 2009.
He realized that there was no way to overcome his physical circumstances nor could he exist without living completely in Christ’s supremacy. Everything had to fall into complete submission to God. His past life had died and his life in Christ was the only source of life-giving sustenance. That event became a Luke 14:33 moment in Buzz’s life and provided spiritual confirmation, releasing Buzz to pursue God’s calling.
Since that time, God has confirmed this calling to spend the rest of his life as a missionary to our city, the Pacific Northwest and beyond. The burden for the Church, the spiritual condition of the people in our region and the daily challenges they face weighs heavy upon us. Out of this, Buzz began seeking God’s direction and living In God’s Service here. Describing this Spirit-led effort is often difficult for us, since we desire to see God receive all the Glory.
Friends travelling with Buzz describe him as a low profile, community-connecting missionary, initiating and cultivating strategic relationships that build unity in Christ, further the Church, and spread the Gospel. Buzz would say God has called him to love, walk, and care for the person He steers into his life. I think he is simply called to meet with God, then meet with others, and God does all the rest. Buzz’s work is relational in three main areas:

  1. Developing deeper friendships based on the principles of Jesus and encouraging leaders to further surrender to and live in Christ.
  2. Nurturing relationships that cross social, economic and racial barriers encouraging leaders to fully engage in the process of city transformation through unity in Christ.
  3. Supporting churches, organizations and ministries serving the community through unified outreach that strengthens the Body and lifts up Christ throughout the city and beyond.

God nudges Buzz to befriend those He loves and directs him to walk with them through the circumstances of their lives. The Pacific Northwest is filled with either people who know Jesus, are striving to follow Him as Lord and Savior, or have yet to meet Him. In our postmodern western culture, Buzz is called to be a friend in Christ to the saved, as well as the lost, in order to fulfill the great commission here in Seattle and wherever else God leads.

Cindy Leonard
Co-partner, In God’s Service