MAY 2023

I caught myself thinking about the Creator of all there is. Then it hit me. He is the Creator of: us. Not one to abandon the pride of his work, this supreme Artist puts us on display for his own perfect pleasure, even as he continues the process of completion.

These are not easy words to type as my wife faces her next course of chemotherapy. How I wish for a return to the innocence of last year.

During times of upheavals and quakings and fears, our hope doesn’t rest on the desire only for relief from the toughest of times. Yes, it does include that. But even anxious trust is founded on the One who without doubt will see us through our turbulence, and our failings, to what we rightly anticipate as our eternal peace, even our perfection, in our Sculptor’s immediate presence. I believe that thinking otherwise is unreasonable.

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