Each month I read the ministry updates and the gratitude you express to your supporters. I think often about the not-too small army of real people whose employment and income allow them to contribute to the different MD ministries. Some of them give thousands annually, others much less. All add up.

Interesting, isn’t it, how the people who support us give out of their earnings to fund what they’ve assumed to be the real work of the Kingdom? It’s common for them to see their own work as vehicles to promote the formal ministry of others, rather than the open mission fields to which God has called them. As if their work might take a second chair to ours, and we only are the called.

Seminary professor and my fellow retreatant, Dr Larry Peabody, debunks that mindset in his book, God Loves Your Work: Discover Why He Sends You to Do What You Do. You might want to check it on Amazon, even give a copy to a donor. His recent blog:

Without their ‘secular’ jobs we wouldn’t have the privilege of doing what we get to do. But the thing is, each of us actively works to serve our Master. He places every one of us to fulfill the mission of His calling. How good God is to create a fully functional body of so many to reflect Him in faithful obedience.

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