Good morning, Mission Dispatch friends,
A few years ago I heard a group of ministers refer to the believer’s life as following the breadcrumbs—from the Hansel and Gretel tale. That’s a weakened image of being guided and blessed and surprised by the Spirit of Jesus. I prefer to think of wending our way with Him, climbing the peaks, plodding through the canyons and picking our way through the tunnels, confronting the towering waves and sitting out the doldrums—all as adventure I’d not thought of in my earlier years. As my good brother Jim Meredith put it recently, “God is indeed the One of surprise, and we learn it over and over again.”
While corresponding with one of our MD Ugandan pastors last summer, the realization hit me again. The heart of the Christian wants nothing less than to be faithful. There are times when serving becomes much more difficult than we anticipated. During especially tough seasons we can only present ourselves to our Lord to remind us that His calling on our lives is certain, that He is always our strength—whether we feel strong or deflated.
No breadcrumbs here. He will not consider abandoning His work in us or withdrawing His Spirit from us, His salt and light.
We are His. He is ours.

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