JUNE 2022

Dear Mission Dispatch friends,
Nearly 100 years ago humorist Will Rogers put it this way, “Always live your life as if you wouldn’t be ashamed to sell the family parrot to the town gossip.” Much truth in those words.
Our lives unfold as long letters. We’ve been influenced by parents, grandparents, other older saints we call mentors. So too, each of us leaves a spiritual legacy, most likely not what we think we’re leaving. Our intentionality just may differ from how our successors remember us. Or we may think we have no appreciable history to be shared. Whether to offspring or others who have looked to us as examples of—to quote a friend—“Jesus with skin on”, we trust Him to be the light brighter than our shortcomings.
It really is true, isn’t it: these lives God gives us are entrusted to us. Not so much to make something of ourselves, but to reflect the giftedness of our Savior. At the end of it all we hand them back to our King because we complete the journey he set before us. It has always been all about Him, hasn’t it?
Grateful for His constant guidance!

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