APRIL 2022

Dear Mission Dispatch friends— I admit at times I wonder about words we use to describe relationship with the eternal God. Friendship seems presumptuous. After all, he is God.
But one of my favorite verses comes to mind. Exodus 33.11—God meeting with Moses. True, Moses was the leader, so God met often with him. But can you imagine it, face to face? Intoxicating.

It’s that 7th verse that more than hints of an open door to the King. Anyone who sought Him could go to the same place where Moses talked with Him—long before the veil was parted.
Which also makes me ask, what did the high priest do centuries later with the top-to-bottom separation on that Resurrection Day after the sun came out? Hire a seamstress to sew it back together? Order a replacement after Passover? It’s no small thing to stand wide open to the Holy of Holies, is it? I guess it could be called a double exposure: God revealing himself to us, and we to our King who calls us his friends and wraps us in his purity. Miraculous!

Our Christ is risen! Indeed!

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