Good morning, MD friends—

Such profound steps we take when we walk with the King. Yes, we can take great, even monumental, steps without acknowledging him—history shows that most people do.

But the reward, the pleasure becomes so much greater, and our setbacks and anguish are that much more meaningful, when we see life through lenses God has given us. I believe you’ll agree, there is only one way to stay the course: by deliberate trust and obedience. It’s a long-term, lifelong matter, isn’t it?

This month I received an email from my older brother in Christ, Jim Meredith, one fine example of revealing God’s grace. I love the way he closed his note.
When you think of me, just give me to Jesus. All will be well. I will do likewise. Since he has all things in His hands, he can handle you and me.

All will be well.

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