"Well done. Oh, so well done! Just what I had in mind for you!”

The longing of each of the Master’s bondservants is to hear His final approval.
Have you ever indulged in the fantasy of how you’d reply to your King?

"What did I do so well that you would honor me? I only did what I had the strength and wherewithal to take care of. You led and I followed.”

You’ve heard words like that before. Maybe you’ve imagined them yourself. I think that’s why Paul in 2 Corinthians added a statement to his readers in the middle of his letter, the end of chapter 7: “I rejoice because in everything I have complete confidence in you.”

Pretty strong affirmation for people who couldn’t seem to get much right.

"Oh, but if I only had the gift mix of others.”

Comparison is natural, isn’t it? I am more and more convinced God gives us what we need. The gifted ones we admire just may not gain the hearing our listeners have awarded us, in part because they wouldn’t speak in the same way God has gifted us.

No matter our personal appraisal, our Lord turns the mirror toward us with the reminder that He knows exactly what He’s doing with our giftedness, our talents. After all, these gifts and skills are all for His pleasure, for our own too, and for the others whom He’s pleased to have us walk alongside.

Now isn’t that a reason to shout it again, All glory to the Father!

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