Good morning, Mission Dispatch friends—

A few days ago I let my mind settle on a particular phrase I read in Scripture. We who believe in the risen Jesus are treasured by God. His people, his children, his friends.
I know we’ve heard it all before. Taught it. Preached it. But once in awhile the reality of the love and friendship of God Himself amazes me all over again. Like waking up refreshed after a most restful nap.

The creator of everything, the source of love, this same God invites us, has declared us his friends.

With only the closest of friends, the beloved, we have the richest communion. Imagine for a moment—longer than that is intoxicating—our completed joy when we sit at the table with our King. Our closest friend. Our savior. Then we will experience his pleasure in us as never in this life, but as he has always delighted in us.  

No more restrictions—not a one. And in the company of every person who has been “declared good and right and whole before God.“ Acts13.39


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