MARCH 2020

Dear MD friends,

Last month one of our clients asked if we might have any helpful resources to suggest. In case you should ever wonder, the MD home page contains resources for helps including writing newsletters, maintaining and expanding donor relationships, and reconfirming a person's call by God. Board member Keith Hook compiled it all to make it available. Simply go to the dropdown labeled, interestingly, Missionary Resources.

Last month marked the 20th anniversary of Mission Dispatch’s incorporation to provide the service of managing and distributing donations. Some of you have been with MD from the beginning, two have joined us as recently as last month. Our number has increased to 58. Some use our financial services for awhile, most keep on for the duration of their work and ministry.

Co-founder and former president, John Taylor, continues active on the board. He, our former director Dennis Grainger, and other board members past and current, set for us a firm foundation twenty years ago. And we’re grateful to them.

And to you. In the last two years most of our new people have come to us through our existing clients.

Thank you for being part of Mission Dispatch! Thank you for letting us serve you.

God bless, protect, nurture and encourage you as you stay close to him, relying on him.

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