Angelie Ryah - BELONG FARMS 

I moved to the Tijuana-San Diego border in 2017 to understand firsthand the complex and chronic immigration crisis. There is a clear need for different paths forward for the many families stranded there, stuck in the crossfire of fear-driven US and Mexico policies that seem to change every day. My vision is to create Belong Farms: sites where migrant families can belong, heal, learn, and work.

Our first project already underway is to HEAL: these families suffered violence so extreme they had to leave their country. The journey seeking help only brought more injuries. Now migrants must battle a shifting maze of legal challenges, in a language they don’t speak, often without legal counsel—difficult for anyone, but nearly impossible for those with PTSD.
Belong Farms is organizing Trauma Training events in Tijuana and San Diego for those working with migrants. Partnering with the Trauma Healing Institute, an international Christian trauma training nonprofit, we will send facilitators into migrant shelters and communities on both sides of the border. Wounds will be healed, hearts will be strengthened, new life and hope will pour into our migrant sisters and brothers.


ADDRESS:2527 A Street, San Diego, CA 92102