Rick & Kemi Rupert - MALAYSIA


ADDRESS: 2.174771, 106.695556
Rick, Kemi and their 2 daughters live in Malaysia where they do disaster relief in many nearby countries such as Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines and Iraq/Kurdistan. When earthquakes, hurricanes, wars or tsunamis hit we love to be the first to go to those areas to bring help, food, medical aid and most importantly, the love of God – reminding them they are not alone and that God sees and cares! We’re a small group, but that does enable us to move quickly and coordinate with larger NGO’s helping them use their resources best!

Malaysia itself is a “peaceful oasis” free from the hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and wars that often plague surrounding countries. It has an excellent infrastructure with good resources making it an ideal launching point to the surrounding hot spots. On the rare occasion something does happen here - such as massive floods in 2014 its an honor to be able to help out the “home country” funded by donations that YOU so graciously and generously gave!

We have a dream to have a “adventure/cultural tourism” business in Malaysia that highlights the amazing beauty and diversity in the both the peoples and nature in Malaysia!