Dove is a local Cambodian NGO that focuses first on developing emerging Christian leaders from unaffiliated churches on the margins of the Christian community in Phnom Penh, the Capitol, and in 3 provincial cities.  Both men and women, ages 20 to 30 are most typical.
Many of these young people are second- generation survivors of the genocide here (’75 -‘79), and suffer not only from vicarious trauma, but their own personal trauma as direct result of the dysfunction of the first generation survivors (rape, domestic, violence, poverty, child labor, abandonment issues, etc.).  We have seen that if one does not transform their pain, they transfer their pain. This is a vicious cycle that we want to see broken.  This happens in the majority of pulpits throughout the country on any given Sunday (transfer of pain).  The aim of Dove is help these young people with leadership potential identify and process their pain and wounds, and begin the journey of healing in a safe, learning community.  We want to encourage the proliferation of a new generation of leaders that are about healing and encouraging, not about self-preservation (that we see much too often).
The ONYX Program training, now entering our 5th Cohort, has very interactive classroom work, and fieldwork/or exposure trips to the jungle, slums, eviction sites, etc., where students can see and feel the impact of social injustice and exploitation of the environment. They meet in weekly peer groups to process the learning and help run various events that DOVE puts on for youth in the community.
DOVE puts on regular Coffee House gatherings for both church and non-churched teens where they learn interactively about relationships with opposite sex, drug/alcohol/pornography addictions, social justice and environmental issues, from a Christian perspective.
Two Dove Satellites have Drop in Centers for teens a risk and Language Centers where English, Thai, and Chinese are taught, as well as music. Each Drop in Center has a leadership club where the teens with most potential are invited to join a learning community to ‘grow in wisdom and stature.’
Dove is also involved in men’s work and recovery work on a limited basis and partners with Peace Bridges Organization, Good Real Men, Center of Peace, Mennonite Central Committee, InnerChange, Church Resource Ministries, and Friend’s Church. Partners in the great Seattle area are Belpres, Westminster Chapel, Calvin Pres., and Tenth Avenue Church from Vancouver.
Dove is always looking for Interns to teach music or English in Phnom Penh or the provinces.